RAD Decals - Vinyl graphics to customize your ride

Installation Tips

Your vinyl decal or kit will arrive carefully wrapped to prevent damage during shipped. If decals are sent rolled, unroll the them and lay them out flat for a day or two prior to installation to allow them to flatten out. Once you are ready to install your vinyl graphics follow these steps to achieve a professional results.

  1. Begin by preparing your vehicle's surface where the decals will be placed. Ensure the surface is clean and void of any build-up or items that could be seen under the decal such as bugs, tar and wax build-up.
  2. Keeping both the front and backing paper on the decal, test lay the decals in the desired position of on your vehicle. Use masking or painters tape to temporarly hold the graphics to the surface. For graphics that mirror each other, such as vertical stripes or side stripes, use a ruler to measure specific points on the decal relative to body features on the vehicle to ensure perfect symmetry.
  3. After the decals have been laid out in the desired position, spray the surface of the vehicle with water. This will allow you to make minor adjustment to the decal once the rear backing paper is removed.
  4. Once the vehicle surface is wet, start to peel the backing paper of the decal beginning at one end. Peel only a few inches of the decal away so that you have small area to start to apply to the vehicle. Fold the backing paper down out of the way while the rest is still attached to the decal and apply the decal to the surface. With the surface being wet, you can make minor adjustments and move the applied decal around on the surface until it is in thd desired position.
  5. When the decal is exactly where you like it, remove any air pockets from behind the decal using a squeegee or stiff piece of cardboard. Ensure that all of the air-bubbles are out for a smooth/seamless look.
  6. Continue down the rest of the decal by working a section at a time pulling out the backing-paper, aligning and then removing the bubbles.
  7. After the entire decal has been applied and smoothed, remove the front paper of the decal. Do so by pulling evenly and slowly and back at a sharp angle to avoid lifting the decal off of the surface. Give one last look over the entire decal and remove any bubbles or imperfections.
  8. Using a microfiber towel or soft cloth, remove any residual water or residue left behind from the front paper. Enjoy your new vehicle graphics.


Are the kits difficult to install?
Not at all, if you follow the above instructions, a typical stripe kit will install in about 60-80 minutes with one person.

How do I maintain and care for the decals after they are installed?
Our decals are made from a very durable vinyl, they are designed to last and look like new for years to come. Wash your vehicle as you normally would and avoid using harsh abbrassive materials on the vinyl as these can put scratches in it. You can wax the decals if you like using most detail sprays and waxes.

Can the decals be removed?
The decals can be removed from the vehicle with a bit of work. You may need to heat them up with a blow dryer to soften the vinyl and make it easier to remove, but do not use a heat gun. The graphics are considered permanent since they are manufactured and tested to last for years in the harsh elements, but they can be removed at any time.

Can the decals be moved to a different position once installed?
No, while a decal can be removed from the vehicle once applied, it can not be re-used once they are removed. In other words, get it right the first time or be prepared to buy another kit.

Can the kit be professionally installed?
Absolutely. There are thousands of professional graphic installers throughout the country.

Can I get a kit in a custom design or color?
Yes, fill out the contact form and provide us details on what design and color(s) you are looking for. Be sure to include the year, make and model of vehicle and we will reply with a quote.